How Do I Make Packing For A Move Easier

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are wondering, “how do I pack to move my house? Successful household packing starts with being prepared. If you are prepared and use some good packing strategies, you can alleviate a lot of the stress that often comes with moving. Packing up all of your things takes time, but you will prevent many of your belongings from getting damaged or broken.

As soon as you know that you will be moving, begin by packing up the items that you don’t need for a while, such as books on the bookshelf or extra bathroom supplies like soap or shampoo. That way, you won’t be scrambling to get everything packed by moving day, and you will have more time to gather packing supplies and boxes.

Organize and Declutter

Preparing to move is a great time to sort through your stuff since it all has to be pulled out anyway. Moving is a great time to re-access what you really want to keep and what you can live without. This will give you an idea of how many and what type of boxes you will need.

You can sell the things you don’t want for some extra cash or donate items to a local charity. Items can also be recycled if they are too worn to donate. A lot of charities will even pick up donations if you leave them on the curb. Depending on where you live, the local dump will hail away many large appliances and other items such as that old mattress you want to get rid of.

Packing Made Easy

There are plenty of things to keep track of when you are planning a move, so for easy packing, make an inventory list. You can just grab a sheet of paper and a pen to create a spreadsheet or use an app on your phone.

You will want to number each box you pack and write down a little info about each box on your inventory list. You may include which room the box needs to go to, such as the kitchen or bathroom, as well as essential items, so they are easy to find once you get moved.

You should indicate on the box whether it is fragile so you can take extra care when handling and loading it into the moving truck. For convenience, be sure to label each side of the box with its number and which room it needs to go into.

Tips to Make Packing Easier

How to pack boxes will depend on what’s in them. To prevent liquids such as shampoo bottles and cooking oils from leaking during the move, be sure to place them in a large zip lock bag or use saran wrap to seal the opening. Use unconventional padding around fragile items such as towels and dishes. It will save you money on having to buy packing materials.


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